Effortless Deck Maintenance

Sit back and watch your deck shine while our specially-designed robot cleans and stains your deck for you. Your subscription includes hassle-free deck care at a fraction of the cost, easy.


A Pristine Deck - On Your Schedule

RoboDeck - Mobile app 

Schedule a service and monitor the robot while it works - all from the mobile app.


Better Maintenance in Every Aspect

RoboDeck service gives your deck a pristine look at all-times at a cheaper price with no hassle while being more environmentally friendly.


Pristine Look at All Times


Regular deck maintenance operation degrades after a couple of months, leaving the deck looking unkempt for months until the next tedious and expensive maintenance operation.

RoboDeck performs preventive maintenance every few weeks keeping the deck’s pristine look at all times.

RoboDeck - Pristine Look at All Times
RoboDeck - Cheaper yet Better


Cheaper yet Better


Thanks to RoboDeck’s robot performing the maintenance operation, the RoboDeck deck care solution costs up to 80% less when compared to regular annual service. The cost is more similar to doing it yourself, but without any of the back-breaking hassle, and with a professional-quality result.




Gone are the days of leaning over on hands and knees for hours in the sun. RoboDeck is a hassle-free solution, so you don’t even need to clear things off the deck. The robot navigates under and around most furniture so there is almost nothing for you to move.

RoboDeck- Hassle-free
RoboDeck - Environmentally Friendly


Environmentally Friendly


RoboDeck uses a water-based eco-friendly staining agent for its operation. Due to RoboDeck’s superior maintenance quality, the deck’s longevity increases by up to 100% eliminating the need for new wood to be brought in from our forests.